Landscape Ideas

Romantic Garden Ideas: Add Romance to Your Garden

Happy owner of a small green space or a large garden, a terrace in the city center or an apartment balcony? Whatever the size of the green corner, there are good reasons to personalize it and create a relaxing outdoor space to enjoy with your partner. And why not opt for a bit of romantic […]

How to mix bulb plants the right way

Bulbs are meant to be planted, enjoyed and shown off in generous numbers. The more, the merrier! This need for company isn’t just because bulbs are small plants. In fact, some plants can grow fairly tall and even sport big, dramatic flowers. The case for putting in lots of bulbs, in sweeps or mix-and-match displays, […]

Over 7000 landscaping ideas in one package

Do you want to have a new landscape for your home? Do you want to turn your suburban home to an Eden coin? Do you want to redesign your home landscape on a budget? Are you out of landscaping ideas? Helen Whitfield claims that she solved all these problems in her package named “Ideas 4 […]